Had an Accident?

We can help make things REALLY EASY for you!.

Your Fault or Theirs - No Problem!

Car Accident Claim Management

Here's how Accident Claim Management makes it easy....

You can choose your own trusted repairer to do the work rather than the insurers.

It will make sure you have a suitable like-for-like vehicle to keep you going.

It will manage your claim with YOUR interests in mind, not the those of the insurance company.

It will do what's necessary to recover your policy excess.

It will do what's necessary to recover your out of pocket expenses.

If you or your passengers have been injured, It will guide you through claims process.

It can help you avoid 'knock for knock' agreements that may affect your future insurance premiums

All in all It will just take the worry and hassle away from you

so that you can get on with your life and work.

What if I've already spoken to my insurance company about the claim?

Don't worry, If you are still in the process of getting estimates talk to us,

we'll still be in a position to help.

Will I have to pay for this Service?

Our claims management partners will not charge you for this service

and there are no hidden charges for you to pay.

Call us now for advice and we will ensure that your accident falls within the qualifying criteria

For your peace of mind we only use companies to manage your claim who are regulated by the Ministry of Justice in England and the Finacial Services Authority.  Full details available on request.