Q: I want to buy a safe car, how should I choose?

A: Choosing a car is a balance between many factors, and safety is only one of these. Try to choose as safe a car as you can. There is lots of information and safety ratings available to help you choose. Research has shown the choice of a safer car can significantly effect your risk of death or injury in the event of a collision. Thatcham is a member of Euro NCAP, the biggest consumer test program, which has tested hundreds of cars. The best cars earn a 5 star rating.

Q: Which is the safest car on the road?

A: There is no specific “safest” car, since the level of safety depends on the circumstances of the potential collision. You should try to choose a car that has good safety ratings. Larger cars tend to be safer than smaller cars due to their greater weight. However newer cars (since 2001) tend to be safer than older ones of a comparable weight. Where buyers are interested in good fuel economy the choice of a smaller car may be a false one for safety. Instead consider a larger car with a smaller more fuel efficient engine.

Q: How should I adjust my head restraint?

A: The head restraint should be positioned as close to the back of the head and level with the top of the head as possible. Adjustment advice is available Here >>

Q: What can I do to protect myself from whiplash injury?

A: You should choose a car that has good whiplash protection provided by the seat and head restraint. You can refer to Thatcham’s whiplash ratings at

www.thatcham.org/ncwr to help you choose. You should aim to select a car with a seat and head restraint rated as ‘GOOD’ for whiplash protection.

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